Face yoga website rebrand

Project brief

In an era where holistic well-being takes center stage, Bovisaj Face Yoga Studio embarks on a transformative journey to revamp its digital presence. With the introduction of tailored face yoga courses for varying proficiency levels, the addition of new instructors, and a keen eye on aesthetic elegance, the studio seeks to provide its valued users with a sophisticated and engaging online experience

Project goals

The task involved a website overhaul, aligning it with the rebranding efforts and elevating the site's overall user experience.

  1. Validate user personas from the brief and research.
  2. Restructure the Information Architecture (IA) of the website to cater to the requirements of the primary user personas
  3. Ensure the redesigned website adheres to the brand's identity and guidelines.

Design process

My design process was straightforward and efficient, given the project's nature and strict timelines. To begin, I conducted a thorough UX audit, which helped me understand the current website and where improvements were needed.

User research

My research involved studying competitors to find trends and opportunities in the market. This helps our client stand out by improving their website design and how they present their services.

Key observations

  1. Many face yoga studios prioritize one-on-one consultation classes over providing at-home lessons. This presents a valuable opportunity for our client's website to capitalize on.
  2. Warm and earthy neutral colors are commonly used in branding, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that aligns with the face yoga philosophy.
  3. The effective use of images is encouraged, especially for demonstrating various face yoga techniques and showcasing the transformation achieved through the practice. Authentic, non-stock photos and videos are preferred for a genuine user experience.
  4. Testimonials and reviews, add credibility to the website, these should be prominently displayed and easy to read.

User persona

In order to create a user-centric website, I created this user persona that represents the pain points and goals of the potential user. This is so as to paint a vivid picture of the target audience and allow me to  design with empathy, precision, and a deep understanding of the uses who will embark on this transformative journey through our website.

Information architecture

After identifying our core users, I worked on redesigning the information architecture of the website.

Improvements in new IA

  1. Every page has a redirection to the courses page to improve conversion
  2. Including user reviews on all pages to build brand trust
  3. Including course pricing for transparency
  4. Multiple sections with a CTA to improve conversion

Updating the brand identity

I collaborated with a freelance brand designer to help me re-imagine the new Bovisaj brand identity. Our primary focus was to elevate it to an ultra-luxurious, high-end status, placing a strong emphasis on achieving an aura of elegance

Visual redesign

The objective of this project is to redesign the entire website to promote new services and generate leads.

The key focus for this project was adding the new course details. I achieved this by creating a new courses page to replace the previous pricing page.

The were the key changes

  1. New course details and breakdown according to levels
  2. Added customer reviews for credibility
  3. Added an FAQ section to address their customers frequent concerns
  4. Transparent pricing with clear details on what customers will receive

I also redesigned the home page, contact page and about page. The press page and monthly challenge pages are new additions.

Next steps

  1. Run usability test and collect analytics from the website after the launch, to see if the design meets the users goals and leads to conversion for the business.
  2. In the future, it would be nice to incorporate an online paying system for users to purchase courses. Right now users are directed to a 3rd party application where they're required to signup/sign in to purchase a courses. The user experience would greatly be improved if users ccan complete the purchase seamlessly on the current website.

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